• 2021 : Change company name to Withlab Export performance in four countries (China / Vietnam / Mongolia / Uzbekistan) Premium lamb business starts.
  • 2020 : Export performance in five countries (China / Vietnam / Mongolia / Indonesia) 5 types of hand sanitizer series launch Reteen of feminine cleanser launch Reteen is placed in the Lotte Department Store Young Plaza. Reteen is placed in the Hyundai Department online Store Duty Free
  • 2019 : Secret pearl of feminine cleanser launch Fairy secret of feminine cleanser launch 11 types dietary supplements launch Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate Participated in Beyond beauty asean bangkok Participated in Cosmo beuty jakarta Participated in FHC China Participated in Ho Chi Minh Expo First export performance in four countries (Thailand / Indonesia / China / Vietnam) Selection of excellent products for the Seoul Awards
  • 2018 : Established Saimdang health 4 types of Noni series launch Korean red ginseng concentrate launch